ProHealth Staffing is a team with drive and passion to exceed all expectations in healthcare staffing. We strive for an atmosphere that is positive and rewarding. We believe everyone should have the same opportunity to succeed and grow in their career. 


Our mission is to match qualified candidates in the healthcare industry to individual career opportunities. Our goal is to always provide a level of service that goes beyond expectations.

  • Medical Billing, Coding & Collections

  • Front Office & Admissions

  • Claims, Customer Service & Utilization Review

  • Nurses & Case Management

  • Medical Assistants & Phlebotomy

  • Transcription & Data Entry

  • Medical Business Office Administration

  • Health Information Management

  • Surgical Techs, X-Ray Techs & Diagnostic Imaging

  • Clinical


Contract/ Temporary

  • Resource generally hired for specific projects

  • Not a full-time employee

  • Can be paid hourly or salaried; specified benefits are optional



  • Professionals who are hired for a specific task that will likely convert into a permanent position

  • The timeline of the project and possible conversion is determined by client

  • Gives clients an opportunity to learn more about resource capabilities

Direct Hire

  • Talent resource is offered employee status with the company

  • Clients view this role as a consistent part of the organization’s needs